Small CSS Updates, the Future of this Site/Upload Schedule

Hello, it's been a few weeks; I took a break from writing before school started. Without the pressure of having to do a writeup, I worked on some more involved projects that still have a ways to come before I post them here.

I want to start uploading here again, and I want this site to be better if I'm going to do that. I'll lay out some plans, but first here's some things I already implemented.

Site Updates

All the changes are relatively minor.

In the backend, I made some QoL changes for myself:

  • The old Blazor site was still in the solution, so I deleted the Client and Server and kept Shared for its models.
  • The Dockerfile was edited to accommodate the shuffle of folders that resulted from removing the legacy site, and an update script was written to make publishing changes simple.
  • Added some logic for a copy button on code blocks which is not fully implemented.
  • Enabled the markdig extensions for figures and nofollow attributes. The figures extension means I don't have to put html in the markdown for captions anymore, and the nofollow referral link extension enhances the site's security.

In the frontend are changes you can see:

  • The logo animation had a bug that resized towards the end of the animation which was jarring and would jerk the screen in some cases. This should be patched.
  • The trademark would not always line up well with the logo on smaller screen sizes. The trademark is now more consistently centered.
  • Fixed a timezone bug resulting from platform specific calls in DateTime
  • Code blocks have a brighter text and a pink border.

Pink code block border

Pink code block border

Uploading Aspirations

I don't think the twice per week posts are practical while I am in school. I will try weekly posts, and I'd like to start posting weekly video content. It will be mostly video game highlights, but some projects and fpv drone footage will probably make its way in there.

Upcoming Site Changes

I need a better way to upload posts. Right now it is a very manual process as I have to add each post to the database by hand, generate a bunch of guids, and upload a bunch of photos to imgur. So a post uploading/editing page is in order.

I also want a sidebar. This will serve the function of accessing the video content and organizing/ the text posts by month or year or something like a normal blog.

I want to add post tags. This will make for better SEO and will pave the way for things like filtering and sorting posts and recommending related content.

Finally, I want to implement some RSS feeds so that I can hook up discord bots and let people be notified of content by subscribing to the feed.

The weekly posts start now, and the video content will probably be coming in a week or two.