SSP 3: A Productive Month

I know I said this one would be about the storage system, but so much has happened in the world that I feel like I need to cover that stuff before the 1.18 migration. What will probably end up happening is that I will release the storage system as an all-encompassing article including design + build or as a series. At any rate, it will be published after it has been built in survival. This probably means it will be many months before that happens.

The events that are written here took place months ago. Originally I was planning to make this in timelapse video format, but there were some issues with mod compatibility that broke the replays of this project. Fortunately I took screenshots along the way.

Creeper Farm

This is probably the most common design; nothing special. I only did one layer but it was enough for my needs at the time. I built this in a couple hours with a buddy of mine.

An overhead of the creeper farm next to the iron farm.

Underneath the farm where the creepers are processed.

Move to Server

This is not in-game related but I was having bandwidth issues and eventually I will have to move the world to an actual server. So I selected the server-side mods, spun up a server on my machine and pasted the world files. I did eventually move it to my VPS, which was great because other people would no longer have connection issues. The drawback is the decreased processing power, but that is not an issue yet.

End Busting

At this point I decided that my lack of elytra and good gear was hindering my progress. I therefore decided it was time to progress in the game. In my playthroughs typically exploring the end is something I do early on, but this time I put it off in favor of other projects. In the future I will not be doing this. As much of an investment some of those projects were, elytra give a huge return because of their ability to increase efficiency.

Farm Upgrades

Somehow one of the villagers in the iron farm became a zombie. My guess is that the pathfinding had a fluke. I fixed that by putting a new villager in. I was planning for a blast chamber, but needed slimes for the sticky pistons, so I upgraded the slime farm to be multi-level.

Enderman Farm

I needed xp for upgrades and repairs. I was basically rationing my tools and armors. I would just switch out for tools or armor I got while end busting whenever the durability got low. I was hoping to put off building some sort of xp farm until I made time to build a gold+xp combo farm. It just wasn't meant to be because I had other projects that were priorities before the gold farm. So I built a simple enderman farm in the end void as a stopgap.

The enderman farm with shaders.

Once I had those things sorted out, I could continue with my blast chamber project.

Blast Chamber

I came across ([cubicmetre's blast chamber] and had to have it. I downloaded the schematics and spent a good bit gathering the materials.

The completed blast chamber

From the other side

No complaints about this design; its rates are high and it works very reliably. You will need a lot of materials if you want to do it exactly to spec, but you can cut some corners on the shulker shell loader and storage if you need to.

Raid Farm

The next week was spent building Ray's Works raid farm and spawnproofing the entire area around it.

The placed schematic

The finished result and spawnproofing. It was a lot of water buckets.

I will admit I didn't think this one through very well. I could have done this over an ocean so I didn't have to spawnproof. I also have to turn off the iron farm every time I want to use the raid farm.

Maxing Out

I had my enderman farm now, but it hadn't been enough to get me quite where I wanted to be. I still needed a bunch of enchantments to max out all my gear with the xp from that farm. I created a basic trading hall and got the best enchantments with the emeralds from the raid farm.

Using the trading hall.

Then I went to the nether, created a tunnel bore, and found lots of ancient debris for my tools.

Resources for a basic tunnel bore.

A full set of full enchanted netherite gear

Gold Farm

I used ([ilmango's gold farm design]. I had some replay files and planned to make some really cool timelapses. The replay files would not load correctly and I think it was because of the Inmis backpack mod. So you will have to look at my beatiful screenshots instead.

Resource gathering. From what I remember I ended up collecting 3 double chests of magma cubes.

Near the beginning of the build

Almost done

Completed farm

A cool angle

Top angle (don't worry I fixed the missing cobble slabs)

Added basic sorting and autocrafting system.

Semi-auto piglin bartering stations

The rates on this farm are insane, and yet I hunger for more. The time for something better will come after an obsidian farm is built.

I've already started the process of migrating the world to 1.18.