AutoRun Alternative, a Fork with Alternate Sprint key

If you followed the last article about AutoRun, you know that I added a feature to AutoRun that allowed multiple keybinds for sprinting, and I created a pull request so that the feature could be merged. Well, over a week in now no one has responded to the PR and I can't get ahold of Emonadeo. So, I decided to publish a fork.

I already had the Github fork, but in order to make it its own thing, I needed to rebrand. So I chose "AutoRun Alternative". This is the commit where most of the changes happened. I just adjusted the naming, a few links and the publishing logic.

Then, in much the same way that I deployed XpBeacons 7.0, I published AutoRun Alternative to my Gitea, CurseForge, my maven repository and GitHub. At this point I'm just waiting for the project to be approved in CurseForge, but that should take less than 24 hours.